Maintenance Tips for Ranges

Maintenance Tips for Ranges

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving, which means your residents’ kitchen range will be on active duty soon. You’ll need to make sure their stove and oven is in tip-top shape to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table. Here are some maintenance tips for you to guarantee that everything is ready for the big day.

1. Clean the Oven

Burnt food or pan drippings can cause major problems for their oven. That’s why encouraging residents to clean them should be top priority on your maintenance list. They can clean their oven manually with a little oven cleaner and some elbow grease, or they can use the self-cleaning feature if one is included. Make sure they do this task a few days before Thanksgiving, however, because they’re most likely to discover underlying problems with their oven just after they clean it.

2. Clean the Stove

Cleaning the stove is also a good idea. Small pieces of food can get stuck in the burners, causing a potential fire hazard. The cleaning method will vary depending on the type of stove your residents have:

Electric coil: Wipe down the surface of the stove with an all-purpose cleaner or warm, soapy water. To remove stuck-on food from burners, remove all pots and pans and set the burners to “high.” Wait for the stove to cool back down, then remove the burners and clean the drip pans underneath.

Glass top: Glass-top stoves are often easiest to clean. A simple cleaner (such as white vinegar with baking soda) is often enough to do the trick. If grime is difficult to remove, they can soak a towel with hot water and lay it over the glass to help loosen the residue.

Gas: For light stains, baking soda and vinegar should suffice on a gas stove. For stuck-on grease, though, they may need more. They can place each burner grate into a garbage bag, add a bit of ammonia, and place outside for several hours. Residents should be able to wipe the grates clean once the ammonia loosens the grime. (Be careful to never mix ammonia with bleach; this creates a poisonous gas.)

3. Change Bulbs

Once the range is clean, change any lightbulbs that have dimmed or burnt out. RezCor can help you find the right appliance bulbs for your ranges.

4. Check for Heating Problems

Finally, you should make sure all your stove burners and oven elements are working properly. Test the regular oven settings, broiler settings and each stove eye to ensure they’re heating. If there are any issues, troubleshoot the problem and have it repaired now.

If you follow all these steps, your residents’ kitchen range should be ready for Thanksgiving meal prep, which means no last-minute work orders during the holiday!