Is black here to stay?

Is black here to stay?

If you haven’t been on Mars for the last six months, you know what we are talking about. Little by little, we are seeing the rise of a new trend in home appliances. However, what major manufacturers such as GE, Whirlpool and Frigidaire are promoting as “black stainless” is basically traditional stainless steel coated in a sleek, dark finish.

We have to agree that this new shade on the block is sexy —but is it here to stay? Should you consider buying new, black stainless steel appliances for your apartment units?

According to industry experts, the move toward darker appliance finishes started in Europe and is slowly making its way westward. Most believe that black stainless won’t dethrone classic stainless in the U.S. market right away – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it now…

Black stainless appliances can help you make a statement or update to a more modern, upscale kitchen look, not to mention the ease of maintenance – yes, we are talking fewer fingerprints! On the other hand, there’s something else you need to consider: it can scratch, though it’s easy to fix it.

Can’t decide it? How about mixing things up? You can have one black stainless appliance as a statement piece. People are mixing metal finishes more and more these days, like they do with jewelry. As long as it’s well-balanced, you don’t have to follow any strict design rules.